$100 million of our money sits in a dusty vault somewhere in Winnipeg or Ottawa - we want our money back!

Reduce our fees!

Reduce our user fees and refund the grain surplus back to grain producers!

Wait, what's going on?

$100 million of farmers' hard-earned money has piled up into an enormous surplus. The Grain Commission should refund us our money.

User Fees

Farmers are charged $1.80 per tonne of grain delivered for inspection and weighing certification for export.

What does this mean for me?

An average grower who delivered 5,500 tonnes of grain to an elevator for export in the past year would have paid about $10,000 in these user fees in just one year.


Now there's a $100 million surplus. Export volumes have been higher, but that's no reason for the government to hoard our fees. Refund the surplus and return the money back to growers.

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